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A Child’s Plea

Times have changed since you were a child.

  • The world has changed
  • Childhood has changed
  • Our perceptions have changed

And for most children today – whether they're ready for it or not – stress is a fact of life. Today's children must learn more, compete more, cope with more temptations, and work harder than at any time in history to achieve the bare essentials of life. We have created the hurried household that produces the hurried child. And the affect on our complex, ever-changing, hectic world is often beyond the coping capacity of our children.

What's a parent to do?

In an easy-to-read format, Edwina Patterson gives parents practical suggestions of ways to equip their children with the skills needed to deal successfully with daily stress. In this book, you'll discover Stress-Proofing Strategies that include:

  • What causes stress for children
  • How stress is affecting your child
  • How to reduce the stress at home
  • Equipping your child with healthy coping skills

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