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A Note from Edwina Patterson:
Individuals today are overwhelmed with responsibilities—actually or mistakenly imposed on them by society. They believe bigger means better and busier means more effective. And women are bearing the brunt of this “Superwoman” epidemic.

They feel pressured, stretched, and squeezed from all sides, and that’s not just from pantyhose. They try to do the best they can to make the most of each day, yet they always seem to fall short of their goals and expectations. They are left embarrassed and filled with feelings of inadequacy.

Women from all walks of life—wives of spiritual leaders, divorced, widowed, single women, working mothers, recently married women, and new believers seeking to grow—are not immune to the struggles facing them each day. They battle confusion, discouragement, and fear caused by today’s violence, immoral conditions, and complacency toward failed marriages. Many are heartbroken. Others are overwhelmed. Some are burned-out and desire a renewal—a rejuvenation of their relationship with Christ.

They need concrete, practical examples of ways to apply God’s Truth to their daily lives—in the little things as well as major decisions. While these women come in all shapes and sizes and from many varied backgrounds, they all have the same common denominator. They need answers but they don’t know where to begin. They are desperate for truth from God’s Word, and they have no one to teach them. Often they simply need encouragement, someone to listen, someone who will point them to Jesus.

Our Following the Shepherd Ministry is a step beyond casual friendships. It moves you to think outside the box—to move from the mentoring idea to a shepherding mentality. It’s a concept of accountability and spiritual guidance, which is not typically part of most relationships.

Our Following the Shepherd Ministry equips women to establish a one-on-one relationship with a lamb (woman being shepherded), encouraging her to develop a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

It is designed to lead the individual to an understanding and valuing of a love relationship with the Lord and its effects on the heart. You will learn to live above your circumstances—the daily drudgery and the heartaches—not below them. You will be equipped to shine forth His love in the darkness and point others to Him regardless of your circumstances, thus bringing glory to His name.

This book forms the basis of our Following the Shepherd Ministry. Its companion book, A Shepherd’s Guide, gives the details to establishing a shepherding ministry of your own. If you desire more information about this ministry, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-344-8022.
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Dee Brestin (author of A Woman’s Journey) says, “Edwina is an excellent Bible teacher and the many references in Scripture to the “Good Shepherd and His sheep” will come alive for you.”
What Others are Saying:

“My life was changed as I learned and applied the principles of Following the Shepherd through my shepherding relationship.” A Pastor’s Wife

“Learning to focus on pleasing our Heavenly Father was a new concept for me. Each day has taken on new meaning for me. I praise God for this ministry!” A Busy Mom

“This Christ-centered mentoring ministry has been a blessing to our church. Lives are being touched and changed! A Director of Women’s Ministry

“I attended the Shepherding Credentialing Conference and it was an eye-opening experience for me. For the first time in years, I’m energized and excited about sharing God’s love with others. It’s true, we can impact the world one life at a time!” A New Shepherd
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